Moon Stalking: Herne

Moon Stalking--moon behind clouds

Every other Friday I’ll be focusing on a character profile from my books/series. Today, we’re stalking Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Hunt, leader of the Wild Hunt Agency, and Ember’s boyfriend from the Wild Hunt Series. Being a god,

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The Bad Boys of the Wild Hunt

The Bad Boys of the Wild Hunt Are Waiting

Herne, Kipa, Viktor, Yutani, Cernunnos, and Rafé (yes, you’ll meet him in A SHADOW OF CROWS), are waiting… *grins* Which one would you pick? The Wild Hunt Series

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The Stag in my Wild Hunt World

Writer At Work

Herne, in my Wild Hunt Series, is the son of Cernunnos, Lord of the Forest. In actuality, Herne was a legendary hunter/demigod figure in Celtic Mythology. But regardless of whether it’s my world, or actual mythology, both Herne and Cernunnos

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