book cover of the Other by Tom TryonThe first time I read The Other by Tom Tryon, I was barely 14. I read that book and it preyed on my mind for weeks. It was such a disturbing mood piece that I found it hard to shake the story out of my mind. Then, a few weeks after I read the book, I saw the movie (which isn’t as good as the book but does have some of the same mood). That cemented the story as one of the most frightening stories I had read. Both psychological and paranormal, The Other hit lodged in my mind as one of the most disturbing plots I have ever read. Scary kids are scary, let me tell you that. I give it 8 out of 10: 

Book Blurb: Holland and Niles Perry are identical thirteen-year-old twins. They are close, close enough, almost, to read each other’s thoughts, but they couldn’t be more different. Holland is bold and mischievous, a bad influence, while Niles is kind and eager to please, the sort of boy who makes parents proud. The Perrys live in the bucolic New England town their family settled centuries ago, and as it happens, the extended clan has gathered at its ancestral farm this summer to mourn the death of the twins’ father in a most unfortunate accident. Mrs. Perry still hasn’t recovered from the shock of her husband’s gruesome end and stays sequestered in her room, leaving her sons to roam free. As the summer goes on, though, and Holland’s pranks become increasingly sinister, Niles finds he can no longer make excuses for his brother’s actions.

So, what’s your favorite spooky book?

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