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So, just a few thoughts. I see that infection rates are going up again, and most thoughts (the non-delusional ones) are that we’re getting ready to soar with a second wave. We’re a week or two behind Europe, the thought is, and they’re starting to soar in case numbers again. And it’s October–mid October already, and omg, yesterday it was March…and a gazillion years ago it was March, and we were just facing the beginnings of lockdown.

We’re still in Phase 2 of reopening here in WA…and I doubt we’ll see Phase 3 before spring. While I fully agree with this

decision–there’s simply no way to fully reopen without sending infection and death rates soaring–I realized this month that I’m tired. Like so many of you, I’m just tired. I have friends (and family) who have been severely impacted with Covid. I know my chances if I got it wouldn’t be good, given my lungs are weaker and I’m immunocompromised. I loathe the antimaskers because they callously put others in danger with no regard for anybody but themselves. I loathe the government’s lack of response. I am so angry about all of this that it’s impacted my health, and my strength. I’m tired. I’m just tired. But I’m trying to find some peace of mind because we’re heading in for another round with this virus, which is a cold-blooded killer.

So what am I doing? I realized that my Autumn Movie Binge each October just isn’t doing it this year. I watched a few, but most are too suspenseful and my MCAS is triggering much easier because of stress. And some of those movies, yes, I love but they’re suspenseful to a nerve-wracking degree.

  • So I’m watching the ones that are more fun and less freakshow, and I’m bingewatching comfort shows.
  • I’m writing fun books. I can’t write super dark right now–I just can’t. I need something refreshing.
  • I’m playing low-stress fun games.
  • I’m letting myself sleep in more–I, like others, am needing more sleep so I’m trying to get it without feeling guilty.
  • I’m trying to eat better (for me), and doing what I can to shake sugar totally though I’m getting there in small steps.
  • I’m intermittent fasting which seems to work well for me.
  • I’m maintaining contact with good friends, and Sam and I are trying to make sure that we give each other space.
  • We’re zooming with friends every couple weeks.
  • I’m minimizing my exposure to news, I voted but am trying to avoid politics and other trigger subjects.
  • I’m giving myself free rein on decorating and makeup and other fun stuff.
  • And of course, we’re wearing masks and being careful.

So…I think I’ll end up watching a bunch of Hallmark holiday movies that I never usually watch, just because.

What about you? What are you doing to deal with the fatigue that’s come hand-in-hand with a worldwide history-making pandemic?

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How I’m Dealing With Pandemic Fatigue
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3 thoughts on “How I’m Dealing With Pandemic Fatigue

  • 10/23/2020 at 8:19 pm

    I’ve been watching a lot of feel good movies, rewatching shows like Big Bang Theory, and reading when I can. I was trying to craft but lately that has felt like a chore. So I’m taking a break and allowing myself to not feel like I am quitting so much as giving myself space to just relax. There is soo much pent up energy and with the election coming up I am finding myself stressed out a lot. So I am trying to eat better, less snacking, sleeping, and focusing on what I can control in my life.

  • 10/21/2020 at 7:42 am

    Since I retired in 2016 I have not done a whole lot different during the pandemic/quarantine. I live alone with 7.5 cats (1 new kitten). When I go out, I wear a mask (though not in the car). I go to doctors, I go to stores I usually go to–usually walmart, harveys, and when out of town to Petsmart and target and/or Publix (none in my town). I talk on the phone to a friend all the time. Since it is fall, I do my fall workout by walking all over the lawn to pick up Pecans from my 3-4 trees–actually getting some this year! Later I will be helping with raking (my yard guy does most of the work). I watch my regular tv shows (no streaming) network and hgtv, diy, etc. AND I read….much of the time. And, of course, play with my cats. Last Thursday two kittens (strangers) came to see me, and joined my 7 outside yard cats. Then they disappeared. Saturday both were brought to me by a neighbor. 1 large cute gray kitten (Graydie) and 1 smaller black kitten (runt). I took them to vet Monday but last night the black one died in my hands. Did not bury him because I did not know him well, so he is in the trash to go away. Sorry little guy. By the end of the week I will let Graydie out of his wire cage to explore house, maybe. He may be 4 weeks old, but he eats regular food. I mute or ignore all tv political ads and skip them on FB. I have delivered my absentee ballot and checked, yes they got it and it was accepted. I do not stress over it, just get annoyed. Scream at Trump ads…LIAR! Otherwise no stress. Every day I talk to my bff in Chattanooga at least once a day, sometimes more. This is all not much different than last year, except more hand washing and the darn mask when meet others. And I won’t be able to go to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving this year. It is a 6-7 hour drive THRU Atlanta. Just wish I could find a thanksgiving dinner. Will check on local campus where I used to work.

  • 10/20/2020 at 9:11 pm

    I agree with your fatigue and tiredness. I too am trying to do things to stay healthy and mask regularly. I have talked with lots of friends and they too are feeling weighed down so we’re exchanging ideas on to be positive. I am rereading several book series, your books are always a go to for me so thank you. My kids got me to subscribe to Disney + for the fun movies plus I am a Star Wars fanatic so watching a variety of things is fun. I too am
    staying away from dark subjects.
    I have been able to find a Reiki practitioner to held me with my energy levels which has been very interesting to learn about. I am learning more about Wicca practices as part of my desire to never stop learning something new everyday. Have a great evening.


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