So, I was relieved this morning when they excused me from jury duty. With my MCAS, I was so worried about being exposed to everything from COVID to someone who ate garlic to someone doused in some pungent perfume to chemical cleaners, any one of which could send me reeling into a bad flare. Or a worse flare, rather, since I’m already in one. I told them I could do it remotely, but I guess that didn’t matter. Anyway, at least that worry is off my mind.

I’ve been working on my quarterly schedule for the second quarter of the year and also setting up a bunch of advertising–oh, so much fun, but a very real, very necessary part of publishing. So a lot of admin work.

VEIL OF STARS is up for preorder–and isn’t the cover pretty??? I love it!

Veil of Stars Cover


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But First Coffee: Veil of Stars Cover Reveal
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One thought on “But First Coffee: Veil of Stars Cover Reveal

  • 03/27/2021 at 7:51 am

    I love this series , I just started reading it and I’m on the 4th book I love it Can I I’m excited that you’ve had it on great reed.


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