Cover Reveal: Witching Bones

Witching Bones

Cover reveal for the second Raven book (Wild Hunt, #8): WITCHING BONES! (Isn’t it purty? I LOVE these covers!)


Cover Reveal for The Hallowed Hunt!

The Hallowed Hunt

Here’s the cover for the HALLOWED HUNT, the next Wild Hunt book–it should be out in late February!


Cover Reveal: The Silver Stag

Ember Kearney was born with the mark of the Silver Stag. A water witch pledged to Morgana, she is recruited for Herne’s squad of elite bounty hunters to preserve the balance between the Fae Courts, so the chaos doesn’t spill



Here’s the next Fury cover: FURY AWAKENED! Fury Awakened is scheduled for a June 20th Release!


Chintz ‘n China New Cover Reveals!

Yes, I’m rebooting the Chintz ‘n China Series. It will be in both E-format and print version like my other indie books, though you will NOT be able to get them in bookstores. (Yes, there are plenty of used copies


Moon Shimmers Cover Reveal (And a Couple Surprises)

So here it is–the cover for MOON SHIMMERS! Annnnd…because you’ve been so patient, I’m releasing the covers for HARVEST SONG AND BLOOD BONDS too! Remember, these books will likely NOT be available for pre-order, and they WILL all be indie