There is a time that arrives every year, near the mid-to-end of September, where the world seems to turn a golden shade, and the leaves start to turn. When the sun emerges, it brings with it a cool warmth–a golden tinge to a day where the temperatures are starting to dip and you can smell the autumn coming in.

Every year, during this time, I remember one particular afternoon during the early 80’s. It was -a Sunday afternoon, and I was walking on the college campus, behind the library. The leaves were whirling in the breeze, falling from the trees, and I remember sitting down under one of the trees to journal.

Autumn Faerie.

What I remember best is that absolute hunger I had to write something people would want to read. To write something that someone would laugh over, cry over, that would leave them breathless. But…I wasn’t ready yet. My writing hadn’t developed enough yet to be a good contender.

So I sat there, journaling and crying because I wanted it so bad it hurt. I wondered if I’d ever be good enough. And then, I felt the autumn breeze sweep past, the magick of the season riding in on the wind, and it brought me new hope with it and the will to keep going as long as it took.

Now, forty years later, when autumn approaches, I welcome it in. An old friend, it is, bringing mystery and dreams and hopes and shadows, and it still buoys me up and sweeps me off to enchanted lands.

I feel it surround me and whisper, “Time to go hunting in the mist again, my friend. Time to tell tales of the rain and the fog and the creatures that live on the peripheral edge of your vision.”

Autumn, for me, encapsulates my love of writing–I dive deep into the tunnel that leads into the shadows, that leads me through turn after twist after hidden treasures after hidden fears. I expose myself to the night and trust that I’ll live through the journey. Yes, this is the season of writing for me, even though I write year round. I try to absorb enough of the energy to last me the year through.

So, if you write–or craft anything, do you have a favorite season you connect to your work?

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Writing Under the Autumn Sun
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6 thoughts on “Writing Under the Autumn Sun

  • 09/12/2021 at 1:53 pm

    The light of autumn takes in a golden veil and smells of spices and pine. I love walking through the neighborhood to watch the color changes of the leaves. September brings my birthday, mulled apple cider, and best of all fiber festivals where I can purchase fiber to spin into yarn to knit during the autumn and winter. Autumn is magic and my favorite season… I greet it like an old friend.

    • 09/14/2021 at 9:15 pm

      I know SO many people born in September!

  • 09/12/2021 at 12:14 pm

    I’ve always loved autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in October. But, I think it has to do with the warm, loving memories I have.
    I love the smell of leaves burning and campfires. Camping and watching the stars gently swirl above me.
    But my most favorite memory is my 16th birthday. That year my dad managed to borrow a co-worker’s cabin in Vilas County, Wisconsin. That’s were we did most of our camping.
    That year, I got a pair of unsoled Minnetonka moccasins, my favorite. I remember sitting in front of the field stone fireplace at night dressed in flannel. Oh, what a lovely memory.
    I haven’t done any cross stitching in a very long time but that’s what I love to do. I may start again this year. As long as I can put the cats up… You know, that string going up and down. Anything that moves gets close scrutiny!
    And, I may get ambitious enough to crotchet a large blanket to cover my bed. Decisions, decisions, decisions. 🙂

    • 09/14/2021 at 9:16 pm

      I love the smell of campfires/bonfires too! There’s something so …haunting and magickal about them.

  • 09/12/2021 at 9:10 am

    This year I have started listening to creepy podcasts early. So much fun. I am settling into autumn and shadow work this year.

    • 09/14/2021 at 9:16 pm

      Oh fun! What kind of podcasts?


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