snowy outside, notebook and coffee inside

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Vlog: Valheim, Chatting, and Other Stuff
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One thought on “Vlog: Valheim, Chatting, and Other Stuff

  • 11/21/2021 at 11:20 am

    I love your cats! My Ollie looks like the one keeping you company today! I got all three of mine as rescues, Ollie at about 5 weeks old, Raven at 10 months, and Smoosh at about 5 weeks old after his mother was killed and he and his littermates were found in a field. I’m not sure who actually rescued who though. My cats are the most honest thing in my life, and they bring me so much pure happiness. Just being with them can bring me a lot of sanity! Also I so enjoy reading your books. You are such a talented story teller, and it’s always such an adventure reading them. Often I will save them until the weekend or days off so that I can just read them all the way through! Happy Thanksgiving, and be safe and healthy!


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