Answering Reader Questions

Today I’m answering three questions (well, one has multiple parts).

1: Ryan asks:

I have a question re: MCAS and associated allergies. Something my husband’s cousin said yesterday got me to thinking, and now I’m wondering how cat litter interacts with MCAS? Do certain types of litter trigger reactions, while others don’t? What kind of litter and litter boxes  do you use? I do apologize if this question is too personal.

Not at all too personal. Of all the brands we’ve tried (and that’s not by any means all that are out there), Fresh Step Unscented (definitely NOT with Febreeze) is the one that bothers me the least. The dust does trigger me, so Sam takes care of most of the scooping. As far as litter boxes, the last ones we bought were These. We also keep a couple small boxes around in case a kitty needs isolating (in an emergency). Luckily, I’ve never been allergic to cats.

2: Kayz asks:

I was wondering how Ms. Galenorn stays focused on one story. I start writing something and it seems good. Then I start something else. How does she stay on one wonderful story at a time?

For me, it’s fairly easy–but I don’t have too many problems with focus. If other ideas come up, I jot down a few notes in a file about them, and then go back to what I’m working on. I am one of those people that needs to finish projects to feel complete, so I naturally gravitate toward write/finish/move on to the next. That sounds a little facetious, but it’s not meant to be. It’s often a problem for people who are afraid they can’t finish something, or who want it to be easy all the time. Writing isn’t easy–but if you work your way through the tough spots, if you remind yourself that good things often take a lot of work and not everything’s supposed to be easy, it may help.

3: General Question I’ve Gotten:

How long are you going to stay in Kindle Unlimited?

As long as I can make enough money to offset the wide sales I’m no longer getting. I do need my page reads to go up (when you put a book in your library via KU, it doesn’t mean the author gets paid–we only get paid when you read through the book), but they seem to be growing at a good rate. I’m planning on giving it till February before pulling out unless my page reads take a nosedive over the next month and a half. If that happens, I’d be in through late-November. So if you want to read my books in KU and keep me IN KU–please do read them!

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Answering Reader Questions
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  • 10/07/2022 at 1:57 pm

    Thanks so much!!
    We’ve recently begun using the LitterMaid self cleaning boxes and I have to say, I have mixed opinions. The only litter we’ve found that works with them (and that the cats like) is the Clump and Seal.


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