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A couple more reader questions today!

Sarah asks:

Lost track of where we’re were with Patreon story. Dark Huntress. I know we’ve stopped Patreon but will we get the full story?

I’m actually working on my Patreon page again to make it more appealing to my readers with more tiers, while more manageable for me. I plan on continuing to offer the DH story at the same level tier it was, and hope to start up again soon.

Melissa Fuhrman 

Just wondering how it’s going getting the rights back for the Whisper Hollow series. I really miss that series.

Here’s the thing: I have the rights back, but mainly for the US and Canada. There are over twenty some areas that I cannot sell the first two Whisper Hollow books in. I suppose it shouldn’t matter much, but I cannot offer a lot of specials or anything to the UK or any of its territories. It’s a mess because apparently, the UK was given a fucking life-of-copyright license and I didn’t know that–and it’s incredibly hard to break that license. So my UK readers…well…I can’t do KU or do a lot of advertising over there for the first two books and that makes it a mess to advertise and promote anywhere because I’ll get a lot of angry readers from the UK territories re: “why can’t you put xxx on sale for US?” (trust me, people get vehement about it). I still do plan on writing another couple books in it–however, it doesn’t make sense on a business level to focus on the series, so they will be interspersed here and there.


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More Reader Questions

One thought on “More Reader Questions

  • 10/11/2022 at 1:07 pm

    Thank you so much for answering my Question regarding Dark Huntress and Patreon. Looking forward to being a moonicorn again and with the new tier bonus Ebook.
    Re Whisper Hollow and as I’m from the UK yes would love to read more books sooner but can understand the predicament your in regarding copyright. Atleast we have other fab books in the meantime to keep us busy x


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