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I knew I’d grow up to be a writer since I was 3–that’s 58 years ago. I’ve been writing professionally since I was 35–since 1996, so for 26 years. If I were to teach writing, my biggest advice would be: sit down & write. You have to write to learn how to write. Which is why I don’t teach writing. I’m an intuitive writer. When someone asks me “How do you make your worlds so believable?” all I can say is, “I just do it. That’s the way I write.” Hence, me never creating a writing class. I do have some vids on my Youtube channel, though, about writing. I think sometimes peeps think I’m being facetious or sarcastic, but truthfully? I can give hints and tips and things I wish I would have known, but my process for writing is so internalized that I just can’t lay it out and it prolly wouldn’t work for anybody else.

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Why I Don’t Offer Writing Classes
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