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Reader Questions:
How do you determine what “supernatural” abilities exist in your worlds?
When you are researching a character and their abilities, like a Fae, where do you get your information? How do you come up their name?

First, the characters determine the abilities. All my worldbuilding is done on a subconscious level and so I seldom consciously sit down and go, “I want this and this and this in the world.” So much of my writing is intuitive, and I have a complete series of videos on my YouTube channel about intuitive writing.

Second, I don’t research my characters. Again, my subconscious creates them and I discover more about them as I write. I create character sheets for my series bible only after I’ve written the first book, and each book adds to the information about the characters. Now, I’ve got an extensive history in mythology so I already am starting off from an advantage, but if I do want a new sort of creature from mythos, I will go looking. I don’t stick within the parameters listed–not always, but pick and choose what fits my story. And if I can’t find a creature to fit my needs, I create it. I have the ability to write smoothly so that most of my readers can’t tell what’s my creation and what comes from mythology. At least according to some of the questions I get. *grins*

As far as character names–like the characters, they already have their name when my subconscious offers them up. And their looks/style, as well.

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Writing: Otherkin in My Worlds

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