Another spoiler from Shattered Spells (heat level: starting to get spicy, so if you’re easily offended, don’t read).

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As I woke up, I noticed a coyote sleeping at the foot of my bed. My first thought was that the coyote shifters were back. I leaped out of bed, fully naked, and grabbed my dagger off the nightstand.

“Don’t you move!” I started backing toward the door, but the coyote woke, looking startled, then rolled on his back, showing his belly. “What the hell—”

The next moment, he shifted, blurring as I watched, and there was Yutani crouched in front of me, naked and fully awake. As I watched, he saluted me with full attention.
“Do you mind putting down the knife?” he asked, grinning. “I’d rather not have any chance of accidents.”

I set down my dagger and hopped back on my bed, crosslegged against the headboard. “What were you doing there?”

He shrugged, joining me, sitting on his knees. His body was smooth, long and lanky but also muscled in all the right ways. Every time I got close to him, his natural scent sent me reeling—there was something about him that made me want to crawl into his arms, to fuck him, to drink from him. As chaotic as he was, he also felt safe to me. He would kill for me, if I needed him to.

“I wanted to make sure nothing came through your window.” He shrugged. “I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

Oddly, I didn’t mind. Normally, waking up to find someone in my bedroom would have freaked me out—at least now. When I was still living at home, I was used to servants coming and going, but life with Kilnakarn had ended that peace of mind.

Yawning, I shook my head. “No, actually. Normally, I would, but I’m grateful you cared enough to watch over me. So, time to get ready for work?”

He nodded, glancing at the clock. “Yeah. But…” He paused, leaning forward onto his hands and knees. He looked lean and hungry, like a tightly wound spring. “Your call,” he challenged me.

Every inch of my body screamed for him. I was full up on chi, but I still craved his touch and that frightened me. I was usually the one inspiring obsession, but staring at him there, I knew I couldn’t say no. I joined him, resting on my hands and knees.

“I’m on top,” I said, my lips dangerously close to his. Silently, I dared him to make the first move, to roll me over and pin me down. He held me in thrall, like I was bewitched. And yet…I knew I wasn’t. But there was something about him that baited me in, that promised dark, sultry nights in a rose garden filled with thorns.

“Not this time,” he countered. “This time, I’m the top, and you learn what it means to be with a gentle master, with someone who will kiss away your tears. I can teach you to top from below, if that’s what you want.”

We were still poised, lips almost touching, gazes locked in a battle of wills. But then, the heat between us was too strong and we lunged at the same time, a tangle of arms and legs, and then he had me up against the headboard, propped up on the pillows as he slid inside me.

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Spoiler Excerpt: Shattered Spells

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