I am just venting folks–sometimes you have to draw boundaries.
/begin rant
A note: How I market my books, and whether I offer them wide or via KU, is officially my decision, and it’s made with the decision on what is best for my family and our livelihood.
And this does NOT include taking into account opinions from readers who were ‘planning’ on reading my books at some point in KU. Someday and some point do NOT pay the mortgage and–not that it’s any of the vocal minority’s business, but KU is NO LONGER financially viable for me.
I value that the vast majority of my readers are extremely supportive.
I just wish the vocal minority weren’t so vocal and that they didn’t feel so entitled to my hard work for literally less than half a cent a page because I’m tired of hearing it.
(And one more thing stuck in my craw: male authors who set boundaries like this are given far more leeway than women authors who set boundaries…so there’s THAT too!).
/end rant
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Not Your Decision
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