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Apparently Richard’s job isn’t that great, as he consoles with Tina Growly, who also doesn’t that that great of a job. Eh, it pays the bills. I’m sure EVERYONE can relate.

I created a new setting, StarFox coffee shop. I got the idea from a particular big chain of famous world-wide coffee shops. The logo for this coffee shop was designed by my amazing wife. I took said logo, imported it into the scene, and it works great.

I put a small Easter Egg into this comic: The Ubiquitous Dialog says Some Time Later. The font used for this dialog is called Some Time Later font: Check it out.

Let me know what you think.

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Panel one, Tina Growly is standing next to the cash register of StarFox coffee shop. On the wall behind her is a big sign of the head of a fox right above a steaming cup of coffee. The word StarFox is written on the coffee cup. Surrounding the head and the cup is a big star. Working on the register is a person wearing an apron. The Ubiquitous Dialog says “Some Time Later”. Near the cash register is a plate of donuts. Tina says “A triple Moki Mocha please.” The cashier works the register and says “Coming right up, Tina.”
Panel two, the cashier hands a paper cup of Mocha to Tina. He says “Here’s your drink.” Tina says “Thanks, put it on my tab.” The cashier says “You got it.”
Panel three, Tina stands next to a table with two chairs in front of a wooden wall. Sitting in one of the chairs is Richard Ruffards. Tina says “Hey Rich.” Richard says “Hello Tina.”
Panel four, both are sitting at the table. Tina drinks her drink. She asks Richard “So how’s work?” Richard looks at his drink and says “Not that great, but it pays the bills.”
Panel five, Richard drinks his drink. He asks Tina “How about you?” Tina looks at her drink and says “I hate my job, but it pays the bills.”
Panel six, the table is empty. From off-screen are two dialogs. One says “Same time next month?” The other says “Works for me.”

Roar - Richard and Tina meet for their monthly meeting Transcript
Richard and Tina meet for their monthly meeting transcribed by Comic Transcript AuthorsSammy in

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Richard and Tina meet for their monthly meeting

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