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Yay! The comic story finally started! (again) Yay! Not much happened today, but it will progress.

Yeah, that ‘Comic Comedy Gold’ comment came back to haunt Michael. Maybe he shouldn’t play jokes on his friends. I’m setting up the kind of friendship the two of these have.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Storylines

At the gym

Comic Transcripts

First Panel, Michael Roar is standing in front of a brick wall, next to a door and a sign that says “Big Buff Furs Gym”. He is waving, nervous, with sweat marks coming off of him. He says “Hi, I’m Michael Roar, welcome to Roar.” The Ubiquitous Dialog (UD) says “You already said that at the beginning of the comic.”
Second Panel, Michael is adjusting his shirt collar, nervous, with his eyes shut. He says “I know, I know, I’m just nervous, you know.” UD says “Just be yourself, you’ll do fine.” From off the scene is a dialog that says “Ready to lift weights?”
Third panel, Robert Ruffards is standing next to Michael, with Michael’s hand on Robert’s back. Nervous, Michael says “Here’s my good good buddy, Robert. Say something to the nice people, please.” Robert asks “Who are you talking to?”
Fourth panel, both characters are gone from the scene. From off-scene are two dialogs. First one says “You knew I was nervous! Why did you say that?” Second dialog says “Oh come on, that was comic comedy gold!”

Roar - Heading to the Gym Transcript
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Heading to the Gym

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