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I’m introducing a new character Steven Stripes, the owner of Big Buff Furs Gym. Yes, he is gay, and likes Robert. Truth to tell, the gym owner and Robert are friends, even with his implied advances.

Yes, Oh Fur is a common expression in this comic. I’ll be using it often. Becky used the expression Oh Wool, so it fits. Also, in case you didn’t get it, you can view the meaning of Get Bent here.

I’m working on drawing muscles just a bit more. With Steven, I used Daz Studio to make the model rather than Clip Studio Paint 3D modeling. I’m able to do a bit more with it. I don’t know if I’ll keep using it, but I think it worked out kind of well. Eh, I’m learning as I go along.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Storylines

At the gym

Comic Transcripts

Panel One, Robert Ruffards and Michael Roar are inside, standing in front of a counter. On the wall is a big sign that says Big Buff Furs Gym. Behind the counter is a big muscled tiger named Steven Stripes. He has a laptop in front of him. Robert says to Steven “I’m going to lift weights, then I’ll work my shift.” Steven responds with “Sounds good.”
Panel Two, Michael and Robert are walking in the gym towards a bench press. They pass by a woman-canine on a stationary bike. From off-scene, Steven says “Afterwards, maybe you can come over to my place so we can…” Robert cuts him off by saying “Get bent.”
Panel Three, the woman is getting off the stationary bike. Michael and Robert face each other. Robert says to Michael “Oh fur, my boss doesn’t respect boundaries at all. He really…”
Panel Four, Robert is facing off-scene, smiling. He says “Say there furry lady, what do you say you and I…” From off-scene is a dialog that says “Get bent.” Michael looks to the audience with no expression.

Roar - Working Out at the Gym Transcript
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Working Out at the Gym

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