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Trust me, I’ve been in a number of gyms where how loud you GRUNT equals how strong you are. This gym is that kind of gym.

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At the gym

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Panel one, Robert Ruffards and Michael Roar are at Big Buff Furs Gym. On the wall is a big sign that says “No Grunting Allowed!”, with the word No crossed off. In the background are a number of other weight machines. Michael is laying on a bench press rack with a lot of weight loaded on the barbell above him. He has his eyes closed, and his hands are on the barbell. He says “Huff.” Robert is standing behind the bench press rack, spotting him. He says “You’ve got this.
Panel two, Michael lifts the barbell in the air. He says “Grunt!” Robert is still spotting Michael, but doesn’t touch the barbell.
Panel three, Michael lifts the weight up and down a number of times. He says “Grunt!” ten times. Robert is in the same position.
Panel four, the barbell is back on the bench press rack. His arm is hanging down, and his tongue is hanging out. He says “Whew!” Robert is in the same position. He says “Good job.”

Roar - The GRUNTING workout Transcript
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The GRUNTING workout

4 thoughts on “The GRUNTING workout

  • 09/22/2023 at 11:16 pm

    I’ve been to those grunting gyms — mostly male high school and college-aged (brains if not bodies) lifters doing the grunting to show their extreme strength (and ability to make pesky girl lifters go to a different gym).


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