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I’m introducing Robert’s twin brother, Richard Ruffards. Needless to say, they don’t get along that well. Next comic I’ll formally introduce him.

Even though they are twins (except for the glasses), the two of them are very different. I plan on having fun with the relationship between the Ruffards brothers.

I realized that on side views, the nose of my characters always slopes downward, no matter what. I tried to correct that with this comic. Hopefully that will stick.

Comic Storylines

At the gym

Comic Transcripts

Panel One, Michael Roar is sitting on a bench, Robert Ruffards is standing, facing Michael. From off-scene is a dialog that says “Get out of the way, a real weight lifter is here!” Robert has his eyes shut, is angry. He growls.
Panel Two, Robert faces his brother Richard Ruffards. They look identical, except for their clothes and Robert wears sunglasses. Both are angry. Robert yells at Richard “Where? All I see is my loser brother, the computer geek!” Richard responds with “Hey! At least I have a real job, unlike you!” Michael looks at the two of them, not saying anything.
Panel Three, Robert and Richard stand a little closer together. Both are angry. Robert says “As I recall, while you were lounging around in college, I was working a job, supporting myself, and lifting hard!” Richard responds with “I never lounged! And I’m in as good of shape as you!” Michael still says nothing.
Panel Four, both Robert and Richard are standing a bit closer together, both angry, and both have their eyes shut tight. Both are barking at each other. Michael faces the audience with his hand motioning to the two brothers, and says “They do this a lot.”

Roar - Robert and his brother don’t get along Transcript
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Robert and his brother don’t get along

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