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And here is Steven Stripes, one of the few characters whose last name isn’t an animal sound. He doesn’t like my humor that much, but it is my comic.

Let me know what you think.

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Steven Stripes

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Panel one, There is a room with a window with a tree outside. The room has a couch to one side, and a card catalog cabinet to the other side. (UD stands for Ubiquitous Dialog Box). There are two UD in the panel one. One says:

Name: Steven Stripes
Age: 31
Height: 190 cms
Education: Degree in Kinesiology
Species: White Tiger with Orange Dye
Job: Runs Big Buff Furs Gym
Personal Quote: Come to: BIG BUFF FURS GYM (That’s all I could get him to say)

The second UD says “Meet Steven Stripes, owner of Big Buff Furs Gym.”
Steven Stripes has his arms folded, says “And it’s a damn good gym!”

Panel Two, UD says “Steven has helped a lot of furs get in shape.”
Steven is flexing his bicept, says “I know a great deal about working out. I can help you build muscle, like me.”

Panel Three, UD asks “Say Steven, why is your last name Stripes?”
Steven looks up with a perplexed expression. He says “Because a certain cartoonist lacks creativity with names.
A second UD says “Just do the joke.”

Panel Four, Steven is angry, reading from a script. He says “Fine! It’s because I have stripes, Ha-Ha!”
UD says “I didn’t write that Ha-Ha part, but the joke works anyway.”

Roar - Introducing Steven Stripes Transcript
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Introducing Steven Stripes

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