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Once again, we see Robert and Richard not getting along that well. Eh, they both have their moments and downfalls.

I tried to draw Steven Stripes a bit better, I think I succeeded.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Storylines

At the gym

Comic Transcripts

Panel One, Robert Ruffards and Richard Ruffards are standing next to each other in the gym near a bench press rack, Michael Roar is nearby. From off-scene is a dialog that says “Robert! Richard! Stop barking and report to the front desk now!”
Panel Two, Robert is standing next to Steven Stripes. Robert begins to say “Sorry about…” Steven interrupts him, pointing to his laptop, saying “Don’t worry about it. The last computer update broke the customer check-in program. I need you to fix it.”
Panel Three, Robert says “I can’t fix that!” He has sweat marks coming off of him. Steven says “I know, that’s why Richard has to pretend to be you. I need visual proof that only employees alter the program. Now give him your sunglasses.”
Panel Four, Richard is working on the laptop, wearing Robert’s sunglasses. He says “Ah, here’s the problem. The last OS update changed the system account for certain API calls. The solution calls for changing the permission of the config file. And volia, the program runs.” Steven is next to him holding his phone, making a video of Richard. From off-scene is a dialog that growls.
Panel Five, Steven is smiling, still making a video of Richard with his phone. He says “Say something nice to the people on my Social Fur page.” Richard faces the phone while waving and smiling. He says “Hi. I’m Mr. Ruffards, and I finally learned how to fix a computer.” From off-scene is a dialog of growling, only louder.

Roar - Richard vs Robert again Transcript
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Richard vs Robert again

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