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And now, Tina wakes up to find… well, I don’t wish to rehash the comic. She doesn’t like others to know her secret, so we shouldn’t tell others.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Tina Growly

Comic Storylines

Tina goes to work

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, Tina is in bed in her bedroom asleep. There is a window with a tree outside. There is a phone on her small table near her bed with a loud “Beep! Beep!” coming from it. On the phone is written “Wakey! Wakey!” With her eyes still shut, she waves her hand above the phone while thinking “I’m awake… I’m awake… shut up…”
Panel two, Tina is in her bathroom dressed in her night shirt and underwear. She looks into the mirror with sleepy eyes, while thinking “Oh fur, my stripes faded again.” On her body are faded tiger stripes, since she is an anthropomorphic tiger.
Panel three, Tina is looking into her mirror while holding a black stick in her hand. Half of her face has tiger stripes drawn back in while the rest of her body still have faded stripes. The Ubiquitous Dialog (UD) says “This is a magic marker.” with an arrow pointing to the black stick in her hand.
Panel four, Tina is facing the audience with arms folded. She says “Either leave or I will hurt you.” Half of her face has stripes drawn back in, while the rest of her body has faded stripes. The UD says “Uh… Leaving now.”

Roar - Tina wakes up Transcript
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Tina wakes up

One thought on “Tina wakes up

  • 09/22/2023 at 11:22 pm

    Uh oh. Is Tina really a lion? Or a puma? Or some other not-a-tiger feline?


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