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Although Cindy Mewers appeared at the beginning of the comic, she enters the comic now. I’ll formally introduce her next comic. Golly gee, I wonder what they mean by Stress Relief in the Bedroom? And in case you are wondering, her last name is from this:

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Cindy MewersMichael Roar

Comic Storylines

Michael and Robert Apt

Comic Transcripts

Panel One, Cindy Mewers and Michael Roar are kissing in the living room of the apartment in front of an open door. It is night outside.
Panel Two, Cindy and Michael are next to each other, arms around each other. Cindy says “Sorry for your job loss.” Michael says “Thanks. I’m looking for work now, I’ll find something.”
Panel Three, Cindy asks “So how was La Furry Royal?” Michael looks off to the side, looking up, saying “Uh… you know… I performed… and they… you know…”
Panel Four, with a smile, Cindy asks “Do you want to go to the bedroom for some stress relief?” Bouncing and with a smile, Michael says “Yes, please!”

Roar - Michael and Cindy kiss Transcript
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Michael and Cindy kiss

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