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Even though we saw Cindy Mewers at the beginning of the comic, we formally introduce her now. And no, this is NOT a stupid comic! Gee!

Let me know what you think.

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Cindy Mewers

Comic Transcripts

Panel One, There is a room with a window with a tree outside. The room has a couch to one side, and a card catalog cabinet to the other side. (UD stands for Ubiquitous Dialog Box). There are two UD in the panel one. One says:

Name: Cynthia Mewers
Age: 23
Height: 178 cms
Education: Junior College Drama Major
Species: Cheetah
Job: Actress
Personal Quote: I play Clarinet!

The second UD says “Meet…”
Herbert has her hand raised, and says “Hi, I’m Cindy Mewers!” Another UD says “Uh… meet Cindy Mewers.”
Panel Two, UD says “Cindy is…” Smiling and with one hand near her cheek, the other hand on her hip, Cindy says “I’m an aspiring actress!” Another UD says “Right, Cindy is an aspiring actress.”
Panel Three, UD says “Someday she will…” Cindy, with hands on hips, says “Someday I will be famous!” Another UD says “Right, right, someday she will be famous. (Will you stop doing that?)”
Panel Four, with arms folded and looking up, Cindy says “But for now, I’m in a stupid comic.” UD says “But for now… Hey!”

Roar - Introducing Cindy Mewers Transcript
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Introducing Cindy Mewers

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      Thank you. Trust me, I’ve got a lot of material already written.


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