I'm Marquette Sanders, and I used to be one of the top agents for the Crown Magika. But an unexpected accident sidelines me and my world turns upside down. Now, I'm living in the shadow town of Terameth Lake, Washington, where magic and mayhem rule, and spirits from the past are as powerful as the volcano that looms over the town.

I've moved in with Granny Ledbetter, my goddess-mother and the oldest witch in town. I'm working at her shop, Shadow Magic, which serves the witchblood community. When a tarot client turns up dead, drained of all her blood, she's just one in a string of killings. The police think a rogue vampire's turned serial killer, but I know better—rogue vampires are my specialty and they don't act like that. Dagda Bruin—the chief of police—enlists my help. Now we must find out who and what the actual killer is, before the body count skyrockets.

This series is Paranormal Women's Fiction. It's NOT a cozy series. *grins* For those who love my quirky humor, scary-assed stories, and who don't mind that some of my characters swear like a trucker.

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Shadow Magic