Tarot Journeys by Yasmine Galenorn
Publisher: Nightqueen Enterprises LLC
Release Date: June 2016
E-Book only at this time
Magickal Nonfiction

Follow the Fool's Journey as you seek to both understand the Major Arcana of the tarot as well as transform your own life. Originally published in 1999 and now available in e-format for the very first time, Tarot Journeys leads you on a journey of growth and understanding. Twenty-two guided meditations--one for each card of the Major Arcana--lead you in transforming the cycles of your life and understanding the patterns that make up your own personal hero's journey.

From the beginning--the Fool--where all choices are possible, to the end--the Universe/World, where the journey has been traveled, choices made, and now a new cycle awaits--Tarot Journeys uses Pagan archetypical symbology and the tarot to lead you through your inner labyrinth, to a new awareness of who you are and what your purpose in life is.


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Tarot Journeys