The Shadow of Mist
Berkley/Jove, October 19, 2013
Urban Fantasy

Siobhan Morgan, a friend of the D'Artigo sisters, has a hidden past.  A selkie, Siobhan has told everyone she was sent to the United States because inbreeding was wiping out her people.  What she didn't tell anyone was that a dark presence from her past who has been stalking her for a hundred years, since she first left the shores of Ireland.  A man who will stop at nothing to possess her. With the help of the D'Artigo sisters, Siobhan must stop him before he destroys everything she loves and everything she's built in her new life.

Note: This is the e-version of novella The Shadow of Mist, first printed in the Never After anthology, Contains a bonus story of Vanished. Maggie's gone missing. Can the sisters find her before danger overtakes the baby gargoyle?

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The Shadow of Mist