Book Cover: The Tangled Sky
Part of the Hedge Dragon series:

PLEASE NOTE: Since The Tangled Sky ended up being a short novella, it will NOT be released in paperback for now--it's too short on its own to do so.

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to be generous...

I head for the Rejovak Mountains in Wildemoone, my posse in tow, to help out Ginty, a friend of Ember and Herne’s. The Dwarven King Erikson's gone a little bit haywire in the head, and Ginty is trying to escape before the king decides to execute him. A Hedge Dragon novella.

For readers who love my Otherworld Series, love my Wild Hunt Series, and who love snarky, smartassed heroines who can beat the hell out of their enemies, who are loyal to their family-of-choice, and who love hard, once love crashes into them. 


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The Tangled Sky