I'm Lyrical, and I was born to the Leannan Sidhe. But then, the King of the Kelpies kidnapped me (yeah, I know, a lot of "K's), and all hell broke loose. My mother begged Morgana, goddess of the Sea and the Fae, to save me. But my parents decided that I'm used goods, so I'm a princess without a kingdom.

I now work for the newly revamped Wild Hunt Agency--a PI firm, and boy are my colleagues quirky. For one thing, it's run by a wild demi-god named Yutani, who is as chaotic as his father, the Great Coyote. I find him too attractive, and a little dangerous. And now, life suddenly becomes a rollercoaster as the dragons lose their immortality and all hell breaks loose.

You don't have to have read the Wild Hunt Series in order to read Lyrical's books. For those who love quirky and a little bit twisted urban fantasy with hot guys, lots of action, and women who rule themselves.

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Tattered Thorns