Finally, the shadow man is gone. I’ve been on sabbatical, trying to work on a book, but I’m getting antsy to return to my job. And then, one beautiful April morning, Rebecca the Imp delivers a message to me: Briar, the Fae Lord who helped us when we were trying to save Tad and Hank from Bigfoot, has called in my debt. It’s time to repay the favor.

A dangerous member of the sub-Fae has escaped from the Overking’s realm and it’s loose in Moonshadow Bay. If the Court Magika discovers that a sluagh is running around, it could endanger negotiations between the Witchblood and the Fae. So Briar assigns the task to me: find and destroy the sluagh. The trouble is, I can’t tell my grandmother about it, or any member of the Court.

So it’s back to Conjure Ink, to resume work on a part-time basis, and to enlist the agency’s help in tracking down the sub-Fae. Can I manage to clear my debt to the Overkings? And can we destroy the sluagh before it goes on a killing spree through Moonshadow Bay?

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