What a Month

woman staring at her laptop saying OMG

Yes, it’s been an OMG month. One thing after another, finally culminating in 14 hours without power thanks to the bomb cyclone that grazed the area. Currently, I have the Nutcracker playing and I’m going to decorate my office this

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To Blog Subscribers: Please Read

It has come to our attention the past couple of days that the WordPress-friendly plugin we used for blog subscriptions was bought by another company about a year ago. We did not know this. This new company (legally) used it

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Take Your Big-Assed Mansplaining Balls Out Of My Kitchen!

PREPARE FOR RANT. So long story short, I had to call out the PUD to check the range to see if there was a gas leak. There wasn’t—all good, right? Except utility dude comes in, hangs around far longer than

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