Life isn’t easy when you’re a minor goddess. For one thing, minor means—not so many powers. For another, being a minor goddess pledged to Hecate means I get to go chasing down Abominations that come in off the World Tree. I get to drag powerful demonic creatures over to the Crossroads, and do my best to dispatch them. This leaves the world safer, but me with enough bruises and broken bones to qualify me for a permanent room in the hospital ward.

But now, another menace has crept out of the shadows. The Order of the Black Mist wants to bring back the Weather Wars. The first time this happened, Gaia was pissed off enough to shake up the world. This time, she might end it. And now it’s my job to track them down and put a stop to their chaos. I don’t want to, but when a goddess rides your back, you don’t say no. You just get the job done, or die trying.

Join Fury for a thrilling ride across a nightmarish landscape in a post-apocalyptic future.

Reading Order of the Fury Unbound Series:

Fury Rising
Fury's Magic
Fury Awakened
Fury Calling
Fury’s Mantle

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Reviews:Jill Smith on Romantic Times Reviews wrote:

Over the course of her impressive career, Galenorn has excelled at setting up compelling worlds filled with a variety of layered characters who enrich each tale. Fury Rising is no different, as this launch book of the Fury Unbound series gives readers a glimpse into the world of Kaeleen Donovan, who is a minor-goddess known as Fury.The stakes for all of humanity are high and Galenorn wastes no time setting the action in motion. Hang on and enjoy!

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Fury Rising