Lughnasadh: A Tarot Ritual

Breads and rolls

The waning half of the year leads us into the concept of sacrifice.  During this time we begin our spiritual descent into the Underworld.  Lughnasadh marks the first of the three  harvests: the Grain Harvest of Lughnasadh, the Harvest of

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Samhain’s Coming in With Mercury Retrograde On Its Heels

Monday Musings

So, we are coming close to Samhain, we are nearing a new moon, we are moving into a Mercury retrograde period, and all of this will be in the sign of Scorpio. In other words: we’re headed for a very

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The Nature of Litha

The Wheel of the Year--Litha

Litha — the summer solstice — falls on June 21st this year. The exact time is at 8:54 AM, PDT. The summer solstice means different things to different pagans, and all of these traditions can be right. In my tradition,

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Magick: The Faerie Moon

the Faerie Moon

Tomorrow will be the full moon. While there are a number of naming systems for the different moons, I always preferred calling the June full moon the Faerie Moon. We’re close to the summer solstice, only a few days away,

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Holiday Playlist!

Yule Fun & Ideas

I thought you might like to see my holiday playlist for parties and rituals: Android Lust: Into the Sun Avalon Rising: Dark Moon Circle Bing Crosby: Silver Bells; Winter Wonderland Celtic Woman: Carol of the Bells; Newgrange Chieftans: Dunnmore Lassies

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