the Faerie Moon

Tomorrow will be the full moon. While there are a number of naming systems for the different moons, I always preferred calling the June full moon the Faerie Moon. We’re close to the summer solstice, only a few days away, and at Midsummer, the height of faerie activity occurs (at least concerning the natural world). We’re also at the height of the growing season, the zenith of the waxing year. So this full moon is a time to revel in nature, to focus on spells that are aimed at maximizing growth and strength for your projects.


It’s also a time to honor the Horned God and the Faerie Queen Goddess as they come together — Great Mother and Consort — to preside over the height of summer. This is a good time for spells spent out in nature, for weaving magic when sitting by a pond or river, or out in the forest. It’s a time to wear all things bright and sparkling, to enjoy the fruits of the earth, to focus on the beauty that abounds around us in flowers and the burgeoning leaves and the growing of gardens. Don’t forget to leave some cream out for the Fae!

Some of the spells that I’ve done over the years on the June full moon include charging honey for beauty and blessings all year long, charging a talisman to strengthen the love in my life because, of course, June is also known as the honey moon — and can be focused on lovers.

This full moon will be in Sagittarius, which can be a restless energy. It might be a good time to take a trip, or to find a new path in your life if you’re looking for one. It’s also a good time to work on law of attraction energy.

So, have you any ideas of what you’ll be doing for the full moon this month?

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Magick: The Faerie Moon
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