If you are one of my UK or Australian readers, you may have noticed that your pre-order status of AUTUMN THORNS may have cancelled and you might be forced to re-order. I found out the reason for this. The other day I got the good news that the UK publisher, Headline Eternal, has licensed the rights to produce a UK version of the Whisper Hollow Series (at least the first two books).

Because of me accepting the deal, that gives Headline Eternal the right to produce/release their own e-book versions. Therefore, Berkley had to remove their buy links to the ebook versions of AUTUMN THORNS so that Headline Eternal can take over the UK/Australian market for the series.

So–mystery solved and things should be resolved soon. 🙂 Meanwhile, I am sorry for the inconvenience but it was unavoidable. (Authors have no control over anything like that, including pricing, unless they self-publish the work and this series is definitely NOT self-published).


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A Note to My U.K. and Australian Readers
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One thought on “A Note to My U.K. and Australian Readers

  • 09/10/2015 at 7:31 pm

    Thanks for letting your readers know Yasmine. I will go and check my pre-order at KOBO. I didn’t receive any emails saying it was cancelled though. Really looking forward to reading Autumn Thorns once it is released 🙂


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