But First, Coffee: This, That, and Other Stuff

First, the Coffee...

So I’ve been working hard lately. IRON BONES is uploaded and ready for release day. I have a summer sale coming up at the end of this week and I’ve been working on graphics and ads for that. And I’m

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A Note to My U.K. and Australian Readers

If you are one of my UK or Australian readers, you may have noticed that your pre-order status of AUTUMN THORNS may have cancelled and you might be forced to re-order. I found out the reason for this. The other

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Admin Post: Night Shivers, Talking Hybrid, and Blog Notes

I have several points I want to touch on here. This is sort of an admin post so bear with me please. Though there is a gratuitous kitty picture at the end of the post. So I finished NIGHT SHIVERS.

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