A couple of years ago around this time, I started a project called my Year of Trees. I took a picture of the same street every week for a year, noting the changes to the trees that line that road and then put it into a video. I really enjoyed it and a number of my readers did too, so I decided to reprise it. But I wanted to focus on a different area. So I decided to go to Marymoor Park, a large park in the area with a number of vantage points. I found two that struck me–so each week (unless I’m sick or other major factors intervene) I will be posting pictures of those two places, taken from the same vantage point. I invite you to come along on my year-long journey with me.

Week 49:  We had glorious rain yesterday. I went out when it started near midnight the night before and sat in the rain, just breathing in the cooler air and the scent of water. The smoke’s died down thanks to some wind, and my heart is aching for those still facing the fires in British Columbia. While we’re not due for a good solid rainstorm like we get during autumn, winter and spring, the temperatures have cooled into the low 70s and it’s a relief to see the clouds return. Give me the gloom and the gray and the smell of rain on cedar any day. 🙂

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A Year of Marymoor: Week 49
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2 thoughts on “A Year of Marymoor: Week 49

  • 08/19/2017 at 11:52 pm

    If one was willing to pay you for the books that are on hiatus…? Could you print them or write them (if you had them written) Shimmers books, whisper hollow, and the rest of fury?
    Would or could you do so? I mean I would pay you for the whole nine yards the bindings the cover that would have been, and either trade or the bigger version of the books….
    Could that be done?
    Cause I love the series, and it’d be the biggest cliffhanger if I would not be able to find out the end for all of them.
    So could Tim be done? Cause I would pay what the price you would need to get it done done, you know?

    And I’ve found some publishing companies that may help you, given your situation, and it could help for further works of utter writing arts down the road?

    Yes I am a fan girl of your books.
    But I also want to help you get what you like to do, done so you can be a happy happy writer.
    Who says a legally blind girl who is fan girl of your books, can’t help…. right?!???

    Just a question
    And wanting to help?
    I may be disabled…. but I’m stubborn as all get out… whoops.
    But I really do want to help you. That’s all.
    With the question above still hanging out up in the air above at the top.

    • 08/20/2017 at 9:43 am

      No. I love being indie and have no interest in other publishing companies now and I am not working for you alone. I have many readers, all wanting different things, but the bottom line is: I write what I want to write and what will advance my career. This IS my career, not a hobby and I will write what I need to in order to keep that career alive. The first arc of the Fury Series is being completed–that is an indie series. I appreciate that you love the books but if you did not read it, this post makes my position clear: https://galenorn.com/2017/08/15/answer-about-books-on-hiatus/ Please do not ask again.


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