I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about when I can write more in the series that Berkley and Diversion still have. Here are some facts as to why that won’t happen for awhile.

One: the ONLY reason I’m finishing Otherworld is because I’m only 3 books from the end and it’s such a long series. If I were only part way through, unfortunately I’d be putting that on hold too. It isn’t the smartest economical decision to finish it, but at least I have only three books to go. Two, now.

Two: As an indie author, the only way to make a viable living is if I have COMPLETE control over the entire series, to put the first books on sale or offer them free if I want, to make a boxed set eventually, etc.. And there’s NO chance of doing that if a traditional publisher holds the rights to the other books. Like all businesses, I have to be able to bring in new customers–in my case, readers–and that won’t happen with a series split between trad and indie.

This is a changing world, and the publishing industry is changing. The bottom line is: I’m doing what will ensure that I can continue to make a living at my chosen career.

I have a multitude of ideas for new series and characters. I’ll be starting a new urban fantasy series next year, along with Maddy’s books.

I’m turning off comments to this post because…this is the heart of the matter, it is what it is, and that’s the way it’s going to be.

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Answer About Books on Hiatus
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