Moon Phases

The Esbats

In the magickal world, Esbat refers to the Full and New moons, and are celebrated by a number of witches and pagans.

Moon Phases

Waxing Moon:  Waxing to Full is the time in which to cast invoking spells, in which to draw situations to you.

Full Moon:  The Full Moon is the time in which to focus on the culmination of spells cast during the Waxing phase; it provides the strongest power for invocations.

Blue Moon:  Anytime a single month has two full moons in it, the second full moon is referred to as a Blue Moon and is considered to be stronger than a regular full moon.

Waning Moon:  Waning to New is the time during which to banish and release things from your life; in which to devoke (to take apart or let go of).

New Moon:  The New Moon is the time in which to examine hidden issues; to plan for new beginnings and ferret out secrets.


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Celebrating the Esbats
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One thought on “Celebrating the Esbats

  • 05/18/2018 at 1:26 pm

    Like Camille, the Mother Moon has special meaning for me. Although, I celebrate all her phases and watch her path through the sky day and night. I hear her whispers to me, telling me everything I need to know. Because of this, I’ve often been told that I must have fairy or elf blood in my ancestry. I strongly suspect this myself since the Germanic part of my ancestry comes from near the Black Forest. But there is also the Nordic there too so it could be a combination of many things. What I do know is I hear her and follow her path in the sky daily.


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