Today’s excerpt comes from Night Shivers.

Night Shivers

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Rhia shrugged. “There are enough places in the world where realities intersect. The journal my mother was keeping? The one about the ley lines? I’ve been studying that, actually. New Forest resides on a huge complex series of ley lines. Think of the town as the epicenter of a Cascadia Fault line of magical energies. I was going to contact Ysandra. The Consortium should know about this.”

That was news to me. While the realm of Snow and Ice, and the realm of Rivers and Rushes, existed in different dimensions than New Forest, they both intersected in the Golden Wood. And doorways to other realities were found within the woods. And still others within the two Fae realms. We had managed to find our way to the Court of Dreams, and from there, to the home of the Bat People. All in all, the town of New Forest resided smack-dab in the center of a labyrinthine maze of intersecting dimensions.

“I wonder what her research was for. What do you think she was doing?”

It had been a little over a year and it was still hard for me to talk about Aunt Heather. I knew it had to be even harder for Rhiannon. Together, we had been forced to kill Heather after she was turned by Queen Myst. The sight of my aunt, spread out bloody on the snow beneath us, had been almost more than we could bear. But bear it we did, because if Myst had won New Forest, she would have won the world.

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Excerpt: Night Shivers
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  • 08/15/2018 at 4:44 pm

    I first read this series as it was published several years ago. These excerpts remind me of how much I liked these stories. I have all of them, I think, on my Kindle. I hope the reissues are doing well. I highly recommend this series to all who haven’t read it & they are books worth rereading!


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