I’ve got a massive backlist out there, but I’m focusing mostly on my indie releases now, which a lot of my readers haven’t heard of yet. So we’re going to be putting up excerpts of the indie work I’ve done—both full length and short collections, each Wednesday, to encourage you to give my new work a try.


Today’s excerpt comes from Bewitching Bedlam.

Bewitching Bedlam

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I didn’t want to agree, but it was looking like that might be the case.

Delia returned, rubbing her hands together. “Colder out there than a witch’s tit. No offense intended,” she added, grinning. “Well, they found her purse, her wallet, the note, and spell components. All her identification was there. In fact, it looks like robbery wasn’t the motive, because her credit cards and cash were still in her purse.”

“The spell wouldn’t be worth stealing. It was geared toward someone in particular. And if somebody really needed a Finding spell and couldn’t afford it, I’d work one up for them anyway. Everybody knows that—at least everybody who has had any contact with our coven. It’s not like I’m a total stranger to Bedlam.” I didn’t like the direction this was taking.

Delia made a few more notes, then asked, “How about you? Anything you want to tell me about Ralph Greyhoof?”

Startled, I blinked. “What? I don’t think he had anything to do with this. I mean, yes, he was here Saturday and yes, I did find him in my bathroom while I was taking a shower, but…” Then, I realized she was talking about the incident at the Calou Bakery, where Derek Lindsey had broken up our fight.

“You mean that wasn’t the first time you and Ralph got into it? Tell me everything that happened.” By the tone of her voice, I knew she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

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Backlist Blitz Excerpt: Bewitching Bedlam

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  • 09/05/2018 at 9:04 am

    Oh how I love this series!


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