So this weekend I took Saturday off and spend it with my niece. We get along great, she’s only about ten years younger than I am and we have so much in common it’s spooky. I actually took care of her and her sister for a while back when I was seventeen. Anyway, we watched a movie — she had never seen One Hour Photo before—and then watched DVRed episodes of The Dead Files, one of our favorite shows.

Dead Poet's Society CoverI’m gearing up to watch Dead Poets Society, which I watch every single September. I love that movie and it epitomizes autumn to me. I am so thankful that with the coming of September, autumn has hit our area. It’s overcast, and rain is forecast for all this week, and I am thrilled. I know a lot of people are tired of rain in the country — with good reason — but here, we need it. We had a very hot and dry summer, and this area is not cut out for that kind of weather.

So I’m very proud of myself! It has been three weeks since I quit coffee and I haven’t wavered once. Do I miss it? Yes, I do miss my lattes, but not horribly so, and it seems most of the withdrawal symptoms are gone. I admit, I drink one Diet Coke a day in the morning, and that takes the edge off without overloading me. I have also been doing my yoga for two weeks straight, and I’m enjoying it. So I’m making lifestyle changes for the positive, and I’m making them stick. Tomorrow Andria and I are going to clean Fred — my espresso machine — and tuck him away in the garage for now. Maybe there will come a day when I can drink coffee again without a problem, but for now, Fred is going to hibernation.

I’m finishing up Fury’s Mantle and I send it to my editor next week. And then I get to dive back into Ember’s world, which I am so looking forward to. I’ve enjoyed the foray back into Fury’s world, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that right now, my heart belongs to Ember and the Wild Hunt. There’s something about the Wild Hunt series that has latched onto me like no other series except Whisper Hollow. It’s darker, and deeper, and the magic runs right through it like it did through Whisper Hollow. And I’m SO grateful that I get to choose whether to continue writing the Wild Hunt instead of having somebody else make that choice for me.

A Shadow of CrowsRelating to the Wild Hunt, I have A Shadow Of Crows (Book 4) up for preorder. Here are the preorder links for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and iBooks. And as an insider surprise for those of you who read my blog, be aware that I’m planting an Easter egg in the book. And no, I’m not telling you what it is. You will have to wait until later to find out, but just be aware of that little fact.

I also want to prepare you for the fact that the last Otherworld book will be slightly different than the others. It’s a wrap up book, obviously, focused on the final battle. That’s about all I’m going to say on that for now, but just expect it to be laid out a little bit differently.

I’ll be posting pictures of my autumn decorating soon. We finished most of the inside and just have outside left to go.

I suppose that’s all the news for now, I need to get back to writing for the day. If you live over on the East Coast I urge you to be careful with the approaching hurricane. Florence looks like a monster. Please take care if you live anywhere in her path.

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Monday Musings: Book News, Breaking Habits, & Easter Eggs
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