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Good morning and welcome to Inspiration Corner. I know I haven’t gotten blogs out for the past couple weeks for this category, but it’s been kind of crazy. Anyway, here I am back again, ready to talk about the beauty of inspiration and how it works. 

Isn’t it wonderful that at any moment we can be walking down the street, or sitting at our desk, or standing in the kitchen cooking, and inspiration can strike. And that inspiration can take so many forms. It may be for a new series, or a new way to cook a recipe that will take it to a whole new level, or it might be inspiration on how to rework your exercise plan so that it will challenge you more, yet still be something you can do.

No one really knows how inspiration actually works, but in my opinion, to encourage inspiration to strike, it’s vital to recharge ourselves. And recharging can then lead to those AHA! moments that take us to a new place in our journey.

I’ve been staying off-line more, been keeping off of twitter and Facebook more than usual, and this is providing me with extra time in which to recharge and enjoy my life. The yoga that I’m doing has also been helping recharge me.

I love blogging, to tell you the truth, SO much more than I do being on social media. So I’ve been thinking about my blog and ways to promote it, and things to talk about on it.

I’ve also been deep into writing A SHADOW OF CROWS. I cannot even begin tell you how much I love writing the Wild Hunt series—and how much that the series inspires me. Each time I dive into the world, I can see a whole new vista opening up. The world of the Wild Hunt is rich and wide, and I foresee not only a number of books for Ember, but…yes…several spinoffs. (And remember, you can preorder A SHADOW OF CROWS right now so that you don’t have to worry about remembering when it comes out).A Shadow of Crows cover

In fact, keep an eye out in A SHADOW OF CROWS, because you’ll be meeting a character you’ll see again, up close and personal, more than once. *grins*

I’ve also been working with my team on a fun idea for my readers who enjoy video games. I’m not going to tell you what it is right now (no, it has nothing to do with Otherworld), but… I am encouraging you to create a free account on STEAM, where you can try out Creativerse for free. My experiment has something to do with this…and you’ll know more later on. As I said, Creativerse is free to play, but within the first hour of playing, I had signed up for the Pro edition and I’ve spent far more hours in there than I want to admit.

joyfully greet the dayAnd finally, as we fully enter autumn, I’m feeling energized and ready to meet the coming season. This week on the blog I’ll be posting some pictures of some of the beautiful trees around the area, and talking about the magic of autumn. So I hope you will join me here.

Today, tell me what recharges you? What makes you feel alive and ready to tackle the world?

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Inspiration Corner: Recharging Our Muse
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2 thoughts on “Inspiration Corner: Recharging Our Muse

  • 10/14/2018 at 5:48 pm

    Water recharges me so well. I think I spend more time under the water than anywhere else, that’s going to be a pain in the middle of November as I’m getting my next tattoo then and I’ll have to wait a bit to get back to my normal, but I’ll figure it out. Either way, water is a big recharger for me. Plus, my crochet, just doing something that I enjoy that is mindless lets my mind sort of wander and sort itself in a way that I feel better in general.

  • 10/14/2018 at 11:28 am

    Probably not the best time to answer this question, today my Hyzentra infusion is energizing me. The other day my son and I where walk up the driveway and the sun was setting right above my very orange maple tree. It was a vibrant reddish-orange and it was breathtaking. That energized me, being with my son and husband and taking in these beautiful and colorful days. Thank you for sharing, it is weird that people can put things into perspective.


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