Today’s excerpt comes from Fury’s Mantle.

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He kissed me gently, holding me for a moment until I felt safe and secure again. I tried to clear my head of the dream, although even in sleep, the Tremble left me feeling upside down and inside out.

“Take your bath and dress and have some breakfast. Meet me in the throne room in an hour.” Tam kissed me again, then strode back out of the bedroom.

Patrice was waiting for me. She had filled the tub with warm soapy bubbles, and gratefully, I stepped into the water. I sank down, feeling chilled from my sleep.

“What would you like to wear today, milady?”

“Apparently we’re holding audience in the throne room, so it had better be something official. How about my Harvest dress?”

When we greeted new visitors coming into the village, I had acquiesced to Damh Varias’s requests that I dress more formally. We had found an acceptable compromise. As long as I wore my crown, at other times I was free to wear jeans and whatever top I wanted. But for formal functions and greeting visitors, I dressed like the queen was expected to dress.

Patrice smiled, saying nothing as she went over to my wardrobe. She liked it when it was time to doll up, and I didn’t blame her. It gave her more leeway to get creative with my makeup and clothing, and also, she was born to UnderBarrow. These formalities and traditions were part of her upbringing.

I scrubbed my skin with a sponge, leaning back to let the warm water soak into my muscles. The dream had bothered me more than I had let on, but I was well aware that, sometimes, as Tam said, a dream was just a dream.

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Excerpt Fury’s Mantle
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2 thoughts on “Excerpt Fury’s Mantle

  • 11/15/2018 at 4:16 pm

    Just started reading this & loving it so far.

  • 11/15/2018 at 8:12 am

    This is my favorite book now


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