Okay, minor rant here. Well, right now it feels like a major rant. I preface this with: very few people do this but…a few do…And for those who don’t, bless you a million times over. 🙂 I mean that.

PLEASE stop reporting stylistic choices that I make in my books to Amazon as a ‘mistake’…NO, these are NOT mistakes just because you would have written it differently. The word choices that I make are deliberate. And you (the people who keep doing this) are NOT my editor. I do NOT write by committee, democracy, or any other communal concept.

If you don’t like the way I write, fine–no problem, truly! You are under NO obligation to read my books. But please go find another author you like better and quit trying to tell me how to write. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years and I have 65+ books out. I’m a bestselling author and I have a very distinct voice. Some readers love it, some don’t, but it’s the way I write. Sometimes backseat writers are annoying enough to make me want to find another career.

Also, if you find a typo and truly feel you need to tell me (trust me, there are typos in every single book out there by every author), please write a nice (REPEAT: NICE) short email and send through the contact page with the book name, the typo, and the chapter/page. It’s MUCH easier to correct if it’s not done through Amazon (and much more likely to BE corrected).

Right now, my focus is on keeping as healthy as I can, not on the occasional typo that will slip through. So ya know, for now maybe give authors a little break. We’re all in the middle of a major war against this virus, and a lot of us have friends who are in the hospital, some authors I know are sick with it, and we are trying to meet our deadlines the best that we can. The extra stress of Amazon reporting reader-reported non-mistakes to us over and over? NOT a welcome thing.

I am turning off comments on this, because it’s a rant, it’s not open for debate, and yah… 😉

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Excuse Me, But Writers Know What They’re Doing
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