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Just a few things today. I forgot about the Moon Stalking post I was going to put up, but will do that one next week. Things have finally calmed down. Bathroom reno is done, and patio reno is done, and for the first time in two weeks, it’s quiet.

I wanted to remind you that WITCHING MOON comes out Monday! And the print is now available. You can find the links on the book page.

Also, book 14–WITCHING TIME (which will come out October 12, after AUTUMN’S BANE comes out in August), is now up for preorder. If I can bring it out sooner, I will, but for now the plan is October.

I’ve got a sale going on–FURY RISING is free for a limited time, and FURY’S MAGIC is only .99¢ until July 15th (not including tax/fees).

So other than that, yeah, working hard. I’ve discovered Stardew Valley…and yeah, I’m playing as much as I can. LOL…my character–I named her Crixsy–is currently trying to woo Elliot, probably because he’s a writer. He’s blond (not my usual type) but he has long hair. She was first going to focus on Sebastian but he smokes. Even in game, it’s a turnoff for me.

Weather here has been wetter than usual, but that’s good for the garden. We’ve reopened partially–not even to Stage 2 (re: Virus) but at a limited 1.5, which is good, given virus cases are starting to spike in places that reopened widely. I actually got my nails done last week and get my hair done tomorrow. Full covid protocol–salon can only have 25% capacity at any given time, wear masks, get there, the stylist/nail tech comes out to take your temperature at the car. Go in, wash hands, wear mask through the appt, wash hands before you leave. It’s a risk, but given the salon is being very good about complying, it’s a lower risk that I’m willing to chance. I did have to think about it, though.

Anyway, off to write. Have a good weekend, peeps. I will probably send out my newsletter next week once WITCHING MOON is out, and look for a new vid this weekend, probably Sunday!

So, what are your plans for this weekend?

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But First, Coffee
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One thought on “But First, Coffee

  • 06/12/2020 at 2:47 pm

    Yay for being done with bathroom and patio reno! Quiet is good.

    Your writing productivity is impressive!

    My weekend plan includes watching the weather to see if an appropriately social distanced trip to the farmers market is in order.


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