Mermaid on a rock overlooking the ocean

Summer Solstice–or Litha, as we call it in the Craft–is coming.

When I think of summer, I think of the beach. And I think of water and frogs and the ocean, and cleansing rituals. So here’s a summer-siren’s cleansing ritual for you.

Create an altar on your vanity counter with: a crystal dish with various seashells and pretty ocean rocks; three votive candles (blue, green and lavender) in clear containers, and any other ocean/sea-oriented treasures you might have (blue calcite, blue lace agate, moonstone, and selenite would be good crystals to add to the altar). If you have real or faux pearls, drape them around the altar. Have a chalice of sparkling water or sparkling apple cider ready.seashells, pearls, orchid

If you’re going to take a bath: fill the tub with water, bath salts and/or bubble bath. For a shower: find a bath wash that has a crisp, cleansing scent.

Light the candles. Stand in front of your mirror, and look at yourself in the candlelight.  Visualize a halo of sea foam and pearls around you. Take a deep breath and imagine you are breathing in the essence of Aphrodite, the foam-born goddess, rising from the sea.


Aphrodite, foam born from the waves
Coming from the ocean’s mist,
Cleanse my aura, clear my energy,
Leave me sparkling with passion’s kiss.
I drink to thee,
Mighty Aphrodite.

Drink the sparkling water or cider, then either settle into the tub and take a long, slow bath, or take a long shower. Either way, luxuriate in the feel of the bath wash/bubbles/bath salts.  Sing, if you like, or play soft music to contribute to the mood. Visualize your aura sparkling with magnetism, clarity, and beauty.


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Litha: A Summer Siren Bathing Spell
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