Good morning, peeps! How are you? I’m swamped. It’s release day next month–and we’re almost at next month. (Have you preordered your copy of WITCHING TIME yet????)

So I’m gearing up for the release, and planning out my fourth quarter of the year. Third quarter I got back on track, mostly. Second quarter was pandemic-haze, given everything fell apart. First quarter was relatively good until…pandemic. So I’m hoping to be focused for the fourth quarter and get done what I want to get done. I’m planning out next year’s release and writing schedule, as well. Lots of organization.

Intermittent Fasting JPG

I am also starting an intermittent fasting program. Or rather, I’ve started it. And my body seems to like it for the most part, so I’m thinking it might work for helping both the diabetes and the MCAS, both of which trigger each other. I had normalized my blood sugar through diet alone, then the MCAS hit and sent it a bit haywire. I never want to get to the point of needing insulin and I’m determined to get back down in the normal range again, and there’s tons of evidence IF can work. So we’re giving it a try.

I’m looking forward to October which is my fave month of the year. Actually, the holiday season is my fave part of the year, from mid-September through the end of December. And it all goes so quickly. But this year, I realize we won’t be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in 20 years. We started hosting Thanksgiving in 1999, when we moved up here, for friends. And every year we hosted it…until now. We also, with one exception in 2000 when my mother died, won’t be having our Yule Open House that we had every year from the time we got married. So 27 years…and we won’t be hosting it. Yes, I’m sad about that, but I want my friends safe and I’m not going to contribute to accidentally hosting a disaster.

So we’ll do a lot of zoom chats and hold our rituals privately and mail all our gifts. And that’s just the way it’s going to have to be.

How are you this morning?

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