Blessed Walpurgisnacht!

Blessed Beltane enchanted forest scene

Tonight is Walpurgisnacht, the Night of the Witches, and tomorrow is Beltane, so Blessed Beltane to all my fellow pagans, and happy May Day to everyone. In the Northern Hemisphere, now is the time when the Goddess and God run


Vlog: Wild Hunt Month Is Coming!

the Nightqueen's Lair

May brings Beltane, my anniversary, and Wild Hunt Month to my Facebook group! General chitchat about Blood Bonds and the end of Otherworld, Wild Hunt Month with all the fun stuff like contests, and other goodies. 🙂 Facebook Group YOUTUBE


Happy Ostara!

Happy Ostara and Blessed Spring Equinox!

Blessings on this Ostara, the spring equinox! May all your new projects and beginnings prove fruitful.  


The Nature of Imbolc

Imbolc image

Tomorrow, February 2nd, is Imbolc, is the Festival of Brighid. Brighid (pronounced Breed) is the Celtic Goddess of fire, poetry, healing and craftsmen.  She is considered a Triple Goddess, as are so many of the Celtic goddesses, and Her festival


The Nature of Yule

Yule is the celebration of Midwinter.  The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year when the Oak King reclaims his throne, freeing the world from the chilling grip of winter.  Winter solstice is an astronomical event so the


Holiday Playlist!

Yule Fun & Ideas

I thought you might like to see my holiday playlist for parties and rituals: Android Lust: Into the Sun Avalon Rising: Dark Moon Circle Bing Crosby: Silver Bells; Winter Wonderland Celtic Woman: Carol of the Bells; Newgrange Chieftans: Dunnmore Lassies


How Was Your Thanksgiving?

Turkey, asking how was your thanksgiving?

So, how was your Thanksgiving? We had a wonderful time with friends and family of choice, and out came the good china and the dinner was great, and the company, wonderful. Tell me, what did you do? Now, as we