Solstice Decorations!

Seasons Greetings

So, it’s been a few years since I really did a post on my Yule decorations and I thought I’d get back to that on the blog, instead of just IGing pictures. As you know, I’m a decorating fiend and

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Holiday Playlist!

Yule Fun & Ideas

I thought you might like to see my holiday playlist for parties and rituals: Android Lust: Into the Sun Avalon Rising: Dark Moon Circle Bing Crosby: Silver Bells; Winter Wonderland Celtic Woman: Carol of the Bells; Newgrange Chieftans: Dunnmore Lassies

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The Longest Night Release Day!

The Longest Night

Looking for a holiday romance with a little magick in it?  When Merilee Johansson moves to Starwood, a small artists’ community, she’s trying to piece her life together again after a failed marriage. What she doesn’t expect is to meet

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Blessed Winter Solstice

Tonight we will turn the Wheel to witness the eternal battle, to mourn the death of the Holly King, and celebrate the rise of the Oak King rises. And so in a spiral we live our lives, the Eternal Return,

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It’s snowing!

It’s snowing here. I don’t mind. It won’t stick, most likely, but for the first time in several years we’re actually getting a real winter. I think it’s good for the plants. Our Solstice was low-key but nice. We exchanged

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Merry Yuletide!

May you have a Blessed Solstice, my fellow Pagans. And for those who celebrate other holidays–have a wonderful, joyful season with your loved ones. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Joyful Kwanzaa.

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Yule Activities

Hello everyone Jennifer, Yasmine’s assistant, here again with another blog post for you all.   Yule is one of my favorite times of the year. I enjoy the quality time I get to spend with my family and I look

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A Merry Yuletide To All

Back in 2001, after the Towers fell, I had a hard time come Yule and the Solstice. I still felt almost guilty for wanting to celebrate, and wondering if we should. And then, one night, I sat down and wrote

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Twas the Night Before Solstice

In 2001, when tragedy struck the nation in September, some of us fell into a paralyzing, frozen state of emotion. As we neared Yule, I knew I wanted to celebrate but it just seemed…wrong? Perhaps not wrong, but hard to

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