So, I was doing well on my elimination diet for my MCAS–which is very restrictive–before we lost Morgana. Then, I admit, I kind of lost it and didn’t stick to it like I should. So now, working to get back there. I give myself grace over the lapse because–though I didn’t eat too many ‘danger’ foods, I ate far more carbs than was good for me. Now, the shock of loss is over and it’s time to work on feeling better again.

Yes, feeling better is the primary motivation, BUT…I work well with a rewards system. And I found a reward that I can’t just buy myself on a whim–because it’s an outfit that is about half a size lower than I am. Which means, gotta stay on the diet to get there. (And yes, my joints NEED less weight on them, so I’m trying to stay safe histamine, as well as safe low carb, which is pretty damned restricted).

So my carrot to stick on the diet is a dress/outfit I love. I’ll probably forget about it later, but for now, it’s a good incentive for me because I LOVE fashion and retro clothing.

Here’s my ‘incentive outfit’ and I hope I’ll get there, but I’m not buying it till I can fit properly in it, from Pinup Girl Clothing.

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Motivation & Sticking to a Restrictive Diet
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